With My Little Eye: Claire Greenshaw

Claire Greenshaw:
With My Little Eye

Opening: Friday, 25 October from 6 to 10pm
Exhibition: 25 October – 21 December 2019
The gallery is excited to present an exhibition of new work by Claire Greenshaw (b. Wales, UK). The artist works primarily in drawing and sculpture and this exhibition will be notable for its melding of the two with her largest, most ambitious undertaking thus far.

Greenshaw has written:

“Drawing is the residue of time. The eye moves across the surface and the hand follows. Sight into touch. Marks accumulate and thoughts are made visible. We move through a world of images, inhabiting the gaze of others, a disembodied eye devouring an endless stream of pictures. What shifts in understanding occur when an image is remade as a drawing?

These drawings are fictions and translations, visual fossils. Drawing is excavation and time travel. Like sedimentary rock, a fragile agent for layers of fragmented histories.

These holes are a constellation of questions around looking and being watched, inside and outside, labour and time, things seen and unseen. Probing our roles as producers and consumers of images, the act of looking becomes material.

Here, punctures welcome the real to interrupt the surface of the drawings. Making space. Returning the gaze, meeting your eye.”

Claire Greenshaw has shown in many group exhibitions across Canada, and internationally, including shows at Judith and Norman ALIX Art Gallery, Sarnia; Neon, Brosarp, and The Royal Standard, Liverpool. Her solo exhibitions include Helen Pitt Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, The Khyber Arts Centre, Halifax and Mulherin Toronto. Greenshaw received an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2009 and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada in 2002. Greenshaw was co-creator, with Tony Romano, of Millions magazine from 2012-2014.