THIS IS T&T: Tony Romano & Tyler Brett

Over the last ten years Tony Romano and Tyler Brett have collaborated as T&T on images, models and sound works. Their melded vision is based on advanced engineering, ingenious upcycling, retrofitted architecture, sound ecological principles, rejigged technology and social harmony. They combine a sophisticated but survivalist mode of living with building strategies rooted in modernism and practices like the Coop Himmelb(l)au in particular. With futurist scenes of zero-footprint settlements, de-mobilized cars, wind turbines, water wheels, solar panels, filtration systems, bio-domes and green structures, T&T seem to propose a post-apocalyptic situation that is both optimistic and pragmatically grounded. Far from being dark and violent, T&T have populated their futurist realities with hobo/troubadour collectives who roam the horizon, build sustainable habitats, perform music and deliver oral histories.

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