Twenty Pearls: Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy is known for collaged works involving materials such as silk, velvet, gold leaf, dollar store foils, garbage bags, and cut-out photos from printed matter. A universe teeming with cats, birds, insects, flowers, gemstones, and heavenly bodies, Murphy’s work also calls to mind writers, designers, poets, botanists, and artists ranging from Bruno Munari to Odilon Redon and Hans Peter Feldman to Gerald Durrell. This exhibition presents several of these fragile, richly layered works, weaving together diverse images and forms to suggest life and death in full bloom.

Jennifer Murphy studied at Queen’s University, Kingston and is currently beginning a Master’s at Guelph University. She has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Galerie Kunstbuero (Vienna), White Columns (New York), Art Forum (Berlin) and Mercer Union (Toronto) among other venues.

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