Caravansary of Joy: Jennifer Murphy and Eli Langer

The gallery is pleased to announce ‘Caravansary of Joy’ by Canadian artists Jennifer Murphy and Eli Langer. The exhibition presents recent works of frottage, collage, drawing, assemblage and painting in which transformation, humour and craft are foregrounded.

The exhibition title is borrowed after a 700-foot long building of the same name designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd in 1946 as part of a complex known as the Institute of Mentalphysics in the desert of Joshua Tree, California which Murphy and Langer visited. The science of Mentalphysics was originally formulated by Ding Le Mei in 1927. Born as Edward John Dingle, Ding Le Mei was a British journalist who spent twenty-one years living and studying in Asia, mostly Tibet. During that time he was one of the first Westerners to study under a Tibetan Lama Master and used his experience to fuse the similarities between Eastern and Western religious philosophies into his own new methodology. Though the philosophy has few similarities with the traditional, academic study of physics, Ding Le Mei believed that the mind created reality, thus leading to the name, “Mentalphysics.”

Jennifer Murphy (b. 1974) has shown at the Power Plant (TO); Mercer Union (TO); the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre; White Columns (NY) among several other institutions.

Eli Langer (b. 1967) has shown at Night Gallery (LA); Daniel Hug (LA); Cardi Black Box (Milan); Paul Petro (TO); Villa Warsaw and Helen Pitt (Vancouver) amongst many others.