The Agency Of Acquaintances: Group Exhibition

Clint Roenisch is pleased to present The Agency Of Acquaintances, a group show curated by Catherine Dean.
“The Agency of Acquaintances evolved out of a series of studio visits over the winter and early spring. In the spirit of the openness and sociability of summer (always hard to remember in the hard retreat of winter), rather than identifying a single theme, the question became how a group of works would invite comparisons and connections between them. What is the ability of objects which are introduced to each other to change the way each is perceived? What questions do they raise, in their tenuous connectedness? The work of these seven artists don’t necessarily all connect to each other, but the connections between them vary depending on the criteria. As artworks, they are acquaintances rather than close friends, and some of them have more in common than others. They could be linked in a linear fashion, one work leading to the next and on to the next, but there would be many ways to create that line, and many ways to loop back.” – CD

Nadia Belerique courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery

Karen Kraven courtesy of Parisian Laundry

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